The Best Part

It was a barfy day today.

There were tears yesterday.  Not mine for once.  But a nice twofer two.

Yesterday was one of a handful of days when new math concepts did not come easily for Murph.  And when he has his mind made up it’s too hard to ever understand, he has a few tricks up his sleeve [aka he starts to goof-off major] before one of us gets upset.  By tricks I mean fart jokes.  But I’m starting to figure out his little song and dance is an attempt at distracting all two of us from what we are learning so he can go outside and shoot hoops.  It hasn’t worked so far.

But when he does this, I’ve picked up on the fact that it helps nothing for me to start crying for wanting to desperately break his neck will.  It’s his way of avoiding the conclusion he’ll never get it.  I gave him his moment … as annoying and unfunny as it was – and as much time as it wasted … I asked for a chance to explain, I explained, and then the lightbulb came on.  I saw the moment he changed his mind.

Lo and behold, he can do it.


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