The Best Part

It was a barfy day today.

There were tears yesterday.  Not mine for once.  But a nice twofer two.

Yesterday was one of a handful of days when new math concepts did not come easily for Murph.  And when he has his mind made up it’s too hard to ever understand, he has a few tricks up his sleeve [aka he starts to goof-off major] before one of us gets upset.  By tricks I mean fart jokes.  But I’m starting to figure out his little song and dance is an attempt at distracting all two of us from what we are learning so he can go outside and shoot hoops.  It hasn’t worked so far.

But when he does this, I’ve picked up on the fact that it helps nothing for me to start crying for wanting to desperately break his neck will.  It’s his way of avoiding the conclusion he’ll never get it.  I gave him his moment … as annoying and unfunny as it was – and as much time as it wasted … I asked for a chance to explain, I explained, and then the lightbulb came on.  I saw the moment he changed his mind.

Lo and behold, he can do it.


Just In Case: For Close Ups

Oh gaw, this is turning in to a homeschooling blog.  Gross.

And well … “You just do it” isn’t very helpful.

Lemme see.  How do you know how to start homeschooling?  You don’t.  But here’s what I did.

I asked a lot of people a lot of questions.  I read and read about curriculum that correlates with teaching and learning styles I’d finally narrowed after reading and reading about teaching and learning styles – took trips to a bookstore that supplies quite a bit of what I was looking for – secretly took things out of cellophane bundles to flip thru teacher’s editions and test booklets – left the store crying at least twice having felt no more prepared going out as I had felt going in … and then I started buying stuff.

Pencils and erasers.  Pens.  Paper.  Scissors.  Colors.  Glue sticks.  Magnifying glasses?  Folders.  I clearly did not have a plan, but moving in the direction of having things I might need when I needed them helped me and what’s not to love about a folder?  They themselves seem like they’re organized.  I love organization.  I might not be as organized as you are.  This isn’t a contest.  Besides, how organized is really organized?  I admit I might be more less organized than a lot of people and admitting you wish you were more anal have a problem is the first step to recovery.  I sometimes think it’d be nice to enlist in some branch of military, do something awesomely horrible to be dishonorably discharged just to have that kind of order and structure drilled in to every fiber of my being.  And maybe I’m on my way.  Monday is my favorite day of the week for the return to routine and my closet is color-coordinated.  The more I think about it, maybe I’m just describing a psychological disorder.  But I was feeling more prepared.

And with everything purchased – text books and supplies – I set up a piece of furniture I designated as the spot I’d house it all.   I arranged it with cubbies, drawer organizers, a place for everything and everything in its place behind closed doors and drawers because heaven forbid we look like we homeschool up in here.  And that’s where it stayed.  All summer.  While I stuck my head in the sand about it.

You Just Do It

How does one know how to homeschool if you’ve never done it before?


Remember that time you squirted out your first baby and felt like a total idiot for at least a week afterward?

Or the first time you made a pancake and burned it along with the next three?

Or tried snow-skiing for the first time.

Or surfing.

Or juggling with flaming bowling pins.

It’s exactly like all of that.